About Us

1) Lawnmowig, Edge Trimming, and Clean up. 2) Pulling Weed 3) Straight edge. 4) Brush/Shrubs & Hedges                                          

   Times/Month: Monthly, Biweekly, Three X's, Weekly.
Note: 5% off the mothly contract, 10% off biweekly, 20% off for three x's, and 30% off weekly contracts to pay each time. It can be months and also range from 1, 2, 4, and 8 years. You Can reach up to 100% free.    
   Treatments: 1. Grass Fertilizer 2. Weeds 3. Pests 4. Flea and Tick  5.Mole Control   
Times for Year: Grass 1 - 5, Weeds 1 - 12, Pests 1 - 12, Flea and Tick 1 - 12, Mole 1 - 12       Saving Money Rules: Grass Fertilizer twice a yr is a 10% discount, 3 times a yr is 15%, 4 times a yr is 20%, and 5 times a yr is a 30% discount. For the other four treatments 5% additional discounts from contract(s) for each time (monthly) added. Discounts will be used every time for that year.

Fall: To pick up leaves it would be $18 for the first two contractor trash bags, 3-5 bags $16 each, 6-8 bags $14 each, and 9 bags or more $13 each. There is always the option of choosing the paying per hour rate that we offer to all. FOR CONTRACTS however you will be charged by the portion of area(s) covered, then the savings per month will apply.

Snow Removal Contracts: 10% off first time, 20% off second time, 30% off third time, and so on. 10% savings from contract for additional snow removals (month to month). If you wish to keep it simple pay hourly rate ($25/hour) for one worker and $10 for any additional worker (one hour minimum). Same savings apply for melting salt contracts. Clients will get an additional 10% savings each time per that month when agreed for snow removal & snow melting salt treatments that consist of $2.00/lb starting quote.